The Top 3 Women Golfers in the World!


Let’s look at the top 3 women players in the world! Lydia Ko, Nelly Korda, and Jin Young Ko. Let’s examine the key differences in these 3 players’ moves using our 3 essential indicators available on Sportsbox:

⬆️ Pelvis lift into impact: shows how much the player “jumps” 🆙 into impact. It’s the vertical distance between where the pelvis is at its lowest point in the downswing to where it is at impact. It’s a great proxy for how a player uses the vertical force in the swing.

↔️Sway gap at impact: this is the horizontal distance between the center of chest and center of pelvis. Negative sway gap means the chest is behind the pelvis. In pros, you will find that the sway gap widens in the downswing near impact.

🔄Chest turn transition MAX: this is the maximum chest turn in the backswing, which is often NOT the same as the chest turn at Top of Backswing. Many good players start turning their body back toward the target BEFORE the club transitions from the backswing to downswing. This number shows you the full range of rotational motion in a player’s backswing.

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